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Three Hop Lager

A rich, solid gold beer, with spicy herbal aromas and flavours; crisp and refreshing with a lingering lemon finish. Our Three Hop Lager has been brewed in Edinburgh using our own unique recipe. The result is a lager that combines three of Europe’s finest hops to deliver a crisp and characterful beer.

And the hops in question? They represent three of the great brewing regions of Europe.

From Bavaria, the Hallertau Hersbrucker hop brings a pleasant, floral, stylishly fruity flavour.

The earthy, spicy – even peppery – character of the Saaz hop, from the Czech Republic, has long been at the heart of the beers of Bohemia.

And representing the Alsace region of France is the Strisselspalt, from the fields around Strasbourg, providing a happy bouquet with a suggestion of honey and mint.

We have blended this holy trinity of magnificent hops with locally-produced Maritime malt – just the malt: no wheat, maize, rice or oats.

We are proud to present Edinburgh Three Hop Lager, a delicious, distinctive beer that is as memorable, and refined, as the city it hails from.

Tasting notes

  • Color: Rich, solid gold
  • Aroma: Spicy, herbal, a hint of honey and slight minty note from the Strisselspalt..
  • Flavour: Fresh spice, herby notes then earthy qualities of the Saaz. Gentle prickle from Hallertau Hersbrucker with a light malt body.
  • Finish: A prickly carbonation is followed by a lingering lemony then assertive and spicy finish from the Strisselspalt

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